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3:54 minutes Follow Up: !7 Year Old Student Calls In

After receiving advice from Kidd O'Shea about coming out to his parents, Eric calls into the show to update us on his progress.

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5:46 minutes Kidd Shares His "Coming Out" Story

After receiving an email from a younger listener looking for advice on coming out to his parents, Kidd took us all back to November of 1998 when he told his parents he was gay.

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2:14 minutes Halloween Through The Eyes of Kate

Kidd visits with his 3 year old niece Kate to find out what Halloween is really all about.

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2:40 minutes What Doesn't Brett Favre Remember?

Turns out, a lot more than we thought.

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3:39 minutes Britney Spears likes "The Gays"

Do you ever feel like you don't fit in? Kidd O'Shea feels like he doesn't fit into the gay community, find out why.

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4:24 minutes Cher In Studio with Kidd & Elizabeth

What happened when Cher dropped by to chat with Kidd & Elizabeth.

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3:28 minutes New Music: Can You Guess Who Is Singing?

Lots of New Music out this Tuesday, play our new music guessing game and see how well you do?

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4:19 minutes What Happened with American Idol?

What is going on with American Idol? And who are the contestants for this season? Listen as Jojo gets a funny phone call from Kidd and Elizabeth!

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