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3:46 minutes Celebrity Babies

If you had to babysit one celebrity baby over the weekend...which one would it be?

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3:26 minutes First Date with Craig McKee

WISN 12 News anchor Craig McKee is new to Milwaukee and this morning Kidd & Elizabeth went on their "first date" with him. Find out if they'll be having a second anytime soon.

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4:02 minutes Ruined Wedding

What is the worst thing that happened during your Wedding? And was it caused by someone you know? Listen to some stories!

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4:57 minutes Embarrassing First Day at the Job

Do you recall having an embarrassing moment during the first day at your new job? Listen to some funny stories from callers!

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5:55 minutes Boyfriend says no to Christmas together

Is it OK for a boyfriend to say no to spending Christmas together after dating for 8 moths? Find out what Super Straight Mike has to say!

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4:05 minutes Noisy Neighbors

Have you ever had to put up with noisy neighbors? listen and find out Kidd's current neighbor situation!

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2:09 minutes Christmas Card Fail

Have you ever made an embarrassing mistake on your Christmas card? And can it top Elizabeth's mistake? Listen here and find out!

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3:49 minutes How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

What is the best thing you can do to get out of a speeding ticket? Find out what a former New York City cop recommends you should do!

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5:54 minutes Relationship Intervention: Mom Wants Breast Enhancement

What happens when a Mother is confronted by her daughter about wanting to get breast enhancement surgery? Listen to this Relationship Intervention!

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4:55 minutes Guys Who Write Love Letters

Do they really exist or is it just in the movies? We meet real Milwaukee men who write love letters.

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